Buying process

Buying a property in Spain

Unico Properties stands out as a professional estate agency with its reliable contacts. We have built up a network of interesting contacts. For example, we know lawyers, interior designers, internet providers, household staff and many others. This makes the move to Spain much more pleasant for you.

Spanish real estate agents

The real estate offer in Spain is wide and varied and, unlike many countries, has no exclusivity. This is to your advantage: you only need one estate agent to visit all the properties and new projects on the property market.

We know the region, developers and projects and can show you the full range on offer. So you don’t need to go out with several estate agents. This saves you a lot of time and avoids confusion.

So with us, you can view all the properties for sale either directly with us or with other estate agencies. And not only that. We work together with all the agencies and our top priority is not commission – but finding your dream home on the Costa del Sol for you.

Make it easy on yourself and choose the professional assistance of Unico Properties.

How it works?

Step 1. We are happy to meet you in person. In Belgium, Spain or online; you choose where we meet.

Step 2. Afterwards, we work intensively with all the information you give us. We search our database and make a selection of properties that meet your housing requirements and search criteria.

Step 3. If you have seen one or more interesting properties, we schedule an appointment and visit these properties on the Costa del Sol together.

Have you found the perfect property?

  • We advise you on the value compared to the asking price of the property
  • We guide you in making a realistic offer and negotiate the price on your behalf
  • We put you in touch with all the people and institutions that are needed when buying or renovating a property in Spain: a lawyer, notary, bank, architect or contractor.
  • We accompany you in your own language, including when signing the sales agreement
  • We guarantee professional assistance before, during and after the purchase

Purchase process

reservation fee is requested to take the property off the market. This amount depends on the sales price and is deducted from the agreed purchase price

The reservation is made via bank transfer and is deposited in the lawyer’s third-party account. You choose a lawyer yourself or let us advise you on this: Unico Properties works with reputable lawyers.

Your lawyer then does a full check-up of the property (a.k.a. due diligence)

and lets you know that

…everything is in order. Then the purchase agreement is signed at the notary.

…any legal problems relating to the reserved property have been discovered. In this case, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Additional costs

The purchase costs of real estate in Spain amount to an average of 12-14% of the purchase price:











As a buyer you do not pay commission to the real estate agency, it is paid by the selling party

NIE number

When buying property in Spain, you must have an NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero). Your lawyer will provide you with an NIE number.

Connection of utilities

Your lawyer will arrange for the connection of water and electricity.