The Spanish Golden Visa was introduced by the Spanish government back in 2013 as an incentive to encourage newcomers from all corners of the world to invest in sunny Spain.

After all, why not invest in our wonderful country? The laid-back life-style, mouth-watering cuisine, world-famous culture and Mediterranean climate are just a few points in the long list of attractions that draw millions of tourists to Spain each year.

There are many Visa options. If you are looking to relocate to Europe, or more specifically Spain, one of the most attractive options is the Investor or “Golden” Visa, mainly due to the fact that it is a fast-tracked and simple application process and also because it is an easy way to permanent residency and even Spanish citizenship.

    • Invest a minimum of  500.000 € in Spanish Real Estate (mortgage free).


Golden Visa Spain Requirements

There are some requirements for the Golden Visa in Spain card which have nothing to do with the investment itself:

  • Being 18+ years old.
  • Having public or private health insurance by a company authorised to operate in Spain.
  • Disposing of sufficient financial means, covering personal and family living expenses, for residency in Spain.
  • Not having been refused entry into any of the Schengen countries.
  • Not having entered or stayed illegally on Spanish territory.
  • No existing criminal record in Spain, nor in the country of residence during the last 5 years.


How long is the Spain Golden Visa granted for?

The period of validity of the Golden Visa varies depending on whether the application is made in Spain, for wich you must be legal in the country, or abroad.

The residence permit will be for 1 year if it is requested from abroad and for 2 years if it is requested in Spain.

Once this period has elapsed, the beneficiary may apply for the renewal of the Visa which, once obtained, will result in a further 5 years of residence permit.

In order for the renewal to be approved, two main requirements must be met:

  • Proof that the investment for which the Visa was obtained is still valid.
  • Having been in Spain at least once during that year.


Importance of knowing the difference between residency Visa & Authorization

The difference between the Spanish residency Visa for investors and the residency Authorization can be a very confusing point for some, and it is important to know the difference mainly so as not to get your expiry dates mixed up.

The residency Visa can be applied for at the applicant’s Spanish Consulate in their country of origin and lasts one year from the date of issue (as soon as it is approved), giving the investor time to physically travel to Spain to apply for the authorization.

As for the Authorization, this must be applied for in Spain and is more suitable for those who plan on relocating here straight away and becoming permanent residents. This authorization lasts two years and after this can be renewed every five years.

You do not need to first have a Visa before the Authorization – this first one can be skipped.

Once in Spain you will need to apply for your residency card, which will last as long as your Visa/Authorization and prove your identity, EU rights and reason for being in Spain.

All documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator and stamped with the Apostille of the Hague to be valid. If your spouse is accompanying you, then you will need to provide your marriage certificate legalized by the Spanish Consulate of the country of issuance. If this certificate is not in English then it must also be legally translated and then certified by the Spanish Consulate. The same applies to the birth certificate of any dependent children that will be accompanying you during your stay.


Application process

The simplified application process is one of the main benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa.

Once you have submitted your application, the Visa will only take around 10 days to be approved meaning the applicant will automatically be granted a one-year multiple entry permit through their Spanish Embassy.

Within the next year, you being the applicant will need to travel to Spain to apply for the two-year residency authorization whilst maintaining the investment. Once you have the authorization, you may then apply for a five-year renewal after the expiration.

If you have been in Spain for over 183 days for five consecutive years then you may apply for permanent residency and even Spanish citizenship after ten years. Note that once permanent residency has been granted there is no legal requirement to keep the initial qualifying investment.

Upon arrival in Spain, it is recommended that you open a Spanish bank account and apply for an NIE number as soon as possible which will help deal with financial, professional and social affairs whilst in Spain, even if you don’t plan on living here permanently.


  • Our lawyer that is specialised in Golden Visa will help you in this process.